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Lani M. Van Dusen, Ph.D.
President of VDC, Inc.

Dr. Van Dusen has served as project Director or Co-Director on 35 local, national, and international research and evaluation studies. She has successfully completed contracts totaling nearly $4 million. Even before establishing her own company, Dr. Van Dusen had years of experience in research and evaluation both working for the Western Institute for Research and Evaluation (where she still currently holds a position as the Director of National and International Field Studies Division) and as Chair of the Research and Evaluation Methodology Program at Utah State University where she directed graduate training in research and evaluation techniques.

Dr. Van Dusen is not only well versed in the technical side of evaluations but she also has expertise in the content and implementation of educational and training programs. Her knowledge springs from a background in public education and having served on numerous boards for educational institutions, including the Center for the School of the Future, a national foundation developed to disseminate the "best practices" in education. While at Utah State University, Dr. van Dusen developed and directed the Human Learning Center, serving at-risk youth between the ages of 6 and 18 that were experiencing learning difficulties. The center provides intervention programs targeted at improving student academic performance, social performance, self-esteem and motivation.

Dr. Van Dusen has published over 120 journal articles, technical reports and book chapters in the area of learning and evaluation. The most recent of these include: a book chapter on using technology in the classroom and a journal article on the cross-cultural comparison of critical thinking skills in American and Japanese students.


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