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Derek G. Borman , Ph.D.
Senior Principle

Dr. Borman currently serves as a Technical Analyst for Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance. Prior to this appointment, he served as the Coordinator of National Field Studies for Van Dusen Consulting and as an Evaluation Consultant for the Western Institute for Research and Evaluation. To these varying ends, Dr. Borman has been involved with marketing and the conceptualization and direction of research activities on both local and national scales.

Dr. Borman has considerable background in the field of applied education as well. Currently, he serves as an adjunct instructor for the Psychology Departments at Utah State University and Weber State University. Within the field of education, Dr. Borman has taken a lead in the development of various psychometric tests, including a learning styles instrument designed to provide a more accurate assessment of students’ information processing strengths. Additionally, Dr. Borman has served as a consultant for the Cache Valley School District—primarily in the capacity of managing the development of web-based courses designed to provide instruction for adult, high school students.

Dr. Borman has authored or co-authored over 30 comprehensive reports in the fields of education, psychology, and business.


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